About Alicia


Alicia is a certified yoga and aerial instructor that has been teaching and performing all over North Carolina for the last 4 years. Growing up Alicia was very involved in marching band. She was in colorguard and winterguard all 4 years of school. This is where she developed her love of movement. She had absolutely no idea where this would take her. Fast forward a few years, she began her yoga and aerial journey as a New Years Resolution in 2014. She took this New Years resolution to find what type of movement resonated with her most. She quickly became passionate about both aerial and yoga; so she began her journey to attend teacher trainings. From there Alicia got her certifications in both yoga and aerial. Her teaching includes: aerial sling, silks, lyra, aerial yoga, and yoga. She has trained in New York, Los Angeles, and Florida to obtain her certifications. Alicia has trained directly will Jill Franklin, Cirque Performer and Aerial Physique owner. She has also trained with well known yogis Erin Kelly, Steph Gongora, and Rachel Brathen. With Alicia’s years of experience she is very knowledgeable about: technique, injury prevention, flexibility, building strength, and creative choreography. She has always had a love of movement. Thus, has led her to come up with her own concept which combines both the yoga and aerial world into one. She's taken both of her passions into a world that welcomes all students into her non-competitive atmosphere. This concept includes the conditioning and strength of an aerialist while finding the flexibility and fluidity of a yogi. Alicia’s goal is to be a supportive guide on her students journey to find what they are truly capable of.


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